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"Solar eclipse eyewear" is special eyewear designed to safely observe the solar eclipse. A special filter cuts out harmful ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays contained in sunlight, making it possible to observe the solar eclipse safely.

In order to use the “eclipse eyewear” safely, be sure to observe the following precautions.

Prepare special eyewear: Even with regular sunglasses, handmade filters, and black plastic underlays, the sun will appear weaker. However, unlike "solar eclipse observation eyewear", it cannot block harmful ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays contained in sunlight. When observing the solar eclipse, purchase "eclipse eyewear" from a reputable vendor.

Eyewear Check: Make sure the lenses of the "solar eclipse eyewear" are not damaged or scratched before use. Even minor damage can compromise protection and cause eye damage. Do not use if damaged.

Wear eyewear while observing the eclipse: Do not look at the eclipse with the naked eye and wear eyewear beforehand. Always keep your eyewear on while observing the eclipse.

Viewing a solar eclipse without proper eye protection can lead to eye damage such as solar retinopathy. Always prioritize safety when observing the eclipse and use the eclipse eyewear appropriately.

How Does Solar Eclipse Eyewear Work?

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materials: Solar Eclipse Eyewear Plastic Frame

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