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“Polarized 3D” does not use colored lenses so it can display color images with a three-dimensional effect and depth. This allows for an immersive and realistic viewing experience in movie theaters, theme park attractions, TV, etc.

"Polarization 3D" relies on the fundamental principle of "polarization." By employing a polarizing filter within the lens, this technique permits exclusively the passage of light oscillating in a specific direction, while obstructing light oscillating in differing directions. Ordinarily, light oscillates in a multitude of directions, yet as it traverses a polarizing filter, it can be aligned to oscillate exclusively in a singular direction.

A video system using "polarized 3D" technology displays a pair of images featuring distinct polarization orientations—one for the left eye and the other for the right eye. These images, exhibiting parallax, are simultaneously or alternately displayed on the screen at a high speed. When a viewer wears eyewear fitted with filters possessing differing polarization orientations for the left and right eyes, the brain combines the parallax-infused images into a three-dimensional visual experience. This is because our brain interprets the images with parallax received by the left and right eyes as combined depth information, and recognizes the depth and stereoscopic effect that we normally see.

There are many methods of “Polarized 3D”, and the eyewear for viewing 3D images also varies. When choosing "polarized 3D eyewear", please confirm what type of "polarized 3D eyewear" is required.

Santek's "Polarized 3D Eyewear" is available in two types: CP-Circularly Polarized and LP-Linearly Polarized.

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materials: Polarized 3D Eyewear Foldable Type

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