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"Anaglyph 3D" achieves a three-dimensional visual effect through viewing parallax images using contrasting colored filters for the left and right eyes. When utilizing red and blue lenses in 3D eyewear, these lenses counteract the respective red and blue images, presenting different images with parallax to each eye. We recognize the parallax in these images which allows us to process depth information, resembling the usual depth and stereoscopic effect in our visual experiences.

Despite its origins dating back to the 1850s, "Anaglyph 3D" has resurged in popularity across various platforms, such as the internet, Blu-ray, DVD visuals, and printed materials. Even individuals can craft 3D images utilizing readily available software, making it applicable for personal creations. It is also utilized for research purposes, such as surveys and studies involving the Sun, planets, hurricanes, geological maps, and more. This technology facilitates more intricate analysis and research through the three-dimensional portrayal of planar images taken from above. The principles of "Anaglyph 3D" technology also find application within the realm of scientific exploration.

Santek's "Anaglyph 3D eyewear" uses red (left eye) and cyan (right eye) lenses. By using a cyan lens, we have improved the parallax of the image and have obtained a clear three-dimensional effect. (The three-dimensional effect obtained varies depending on the color of the image, the surrounding environment, and individual differences.)

How Does Anaglyph 3D  Work?

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materials: Anaglyphic 3D Plastic Frame

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materials: Anaglyphic 3D Plastic Frame

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