Why do 3D glasses make things appear to pop out?

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We've been making 3D Eyewear in many places such as movie theaters, theme parks, museums, books, and more for a while now. Originally, the flat movie screens and attractions have been transformed by 3D to give the illusion of depth, greatly enhancing our entertainment experience. Although 3D technology has become commonplace today, do you know why there is depth and why things seem to pop out when using 3D technology? In this explanation, we'll delve into the workings of 3D.


What does it mean to see in 3D in the first place? Talking about the basics of "parallax."

The scenery we typically see has depth, right? Understanding "why our eyes can perceive depth and dimension" helps deepen our understanding of 3D.

The human eye is slightly separated between the right eye and the left eye, causing the images seen by the right and left eyes to be slightly different. For example, try extending your index finger to about 10 cm in front of your eyes. Then, close one eye at a time and look at your finger. The position of the finger should appear to change when you switch between your right and left eyes.

This difference in the images seen by the right and left eyes is called "parallax." Humans recognize spatial depth and dimension by processing this "parallax" in the brain.

So, how can we transform flat images or pictures that inherently lack depth into ones with depth? The answer is simple: by "creating parallax." The 3D glasses you often encounter have various types, but fundamentally, they all work to create this "parallax."

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What are the methods of 3D?

The most common 3D methods that you frequently encounter are:

・Polarized method
・Anaglyph method

We will explain each of these in future articles.


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