Visual Illusion: How Do 3D Glasses Deceive Our Brain?

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3D glasses are not just accessories for movie theaters, theme park rides, or magazine supplements. They provide insights into how our eyes and brains normally perceive depth and how 3D glasses construct a three-dimensional world from two-dimensional images.

Brain's Illusion

Human eyes are typically slightly apart, allowing them to see slightly different images from the left and right eyes. Combining these images helps us grasp the position, size, and shape of objects, creating a sense of depth. The anaglyph method (red-blue lens glasses) pseudo-recreates this perception, making 2D images appear three-dimensional. This state of the eyes seeing different things is called "parallax." When wearing anaglyph 3D glasses, which use red and blue lenses, we see different images with our left and right eyes. The left eye sees an image where red is canceled out by the red lens, and the right eye sees an image where blue is canceled out by the blue lens, creating "parallax." This allows for pseudo-stereoscopic vision. Creating 3D images or videos with the anaglyph method requires specialized techniques, which we will discuss in a different article.

The process of perceiving depth using red-blue lenses (among other methods) to simulate an experience is called "stereoscopic vision." The fundamental technology behind 3D involves presenting different images to the left and right eyes.

Technological Advancements

As mentioned above, modern 3D technology employs more advanced methods than the anaglyph approach. Since the anaglyph method relies on red and blue as a base, creating clean and colorful images or videos becomes challenging. However, polarized glasses or active shutter glasses used in polarization methods provide a more colorful and realistic 3D experience. We plan to introduce these methods in future articles, so stay tuned.


By leveraging the remarkable abilities of our brain and visual system and artificially reproducing them, the world experienced through 3D glasses becomes one with depth. 3D glasses continue to offer a new form of perception beyond our everyday reality.

Here are the series of Anaglyph 3D Glasses:

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