How Do People Who Wear Glasses Put On 3D Glasses?

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Today, let's discuss how people who already wear glasses can put on 3D glasses. 3D glasses are commonly used and distributed in places like movie theaters, theme parks, and museums. If you've ever wondered about this, let's resolve this question together.

Does 3D Glasses Correct Vision?

Unlike glasses or contact lenses, 3D glasses do not have the power to correct vision. Therefore, individuals who wear glasses need to wear 3D glasses over their regular glasses.

Are There Only Standard Type 3D Glasses?

Many movie theaters and theme parks typically provide only one type of 3D glasses, which is often the standard type similar to standard glasses. At Santek 3D Eyewear, we offer not only the standard clip-on type 3D glasses but also clip-on types that can be attached to the bridge of your glasses. This provides an additional option for glasses wearers who want to comfortably use 3D glasses.


Additionally, you can wear regular 3D glasses over your everyday glasses. However, it's common to experience issues such as improper fit or slipping. In such cases, you can reduce slipping by placing a crumpled tissue between your regular glasses and the 3D glasses. If you're curious, give it a try!

Feel free to check out our clip-on 3D glasses options if you're a glasses user looking for a comfortable 3D experience. Thank you for reading!

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