Autumn Leaves and Anaglyph 3D Glasses

Hello, everyone. This is Santek 3D Eyewear.

We're now down to the last 10 days of November. There are days with a chill reminiscent of the end-of-year rush, and others with a warmth reminiscent of autumn, making it quite challenging to decide what to wear. Around the middle of November, it seems like we'll be able to enjoy beautiful autumn foliage. I tried capturing the autumn leaves along with anaglyph glasses! Let's do our best this week too! 💪.

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San Technology, Inc. has opened a specialized 3D Eyewear sales site, "Santek 3D Eyewear." We offer various types of 3D glasses with various frames (plastic, paper, clip-on) and a diverse selection of Eyewear. We accept small quantity purchases starting from one item, bulk orders of 500 pieces or more, and also offer customization for frames. We accommodate various needs, including color, frame design, shape, and the design of packaging bags.

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